Finding your Cyberspace!

Technology expert I am not, but I do love my iPhone! I like to carefully select technology that will enhance my life and work before I go jumping to the next new thing and I think that Volunteer Management and Technology have the same kind of cautious but curious relationship. This week I share the fruits of a little online exploration.


Besides this shiny new blog, there are some absolutely excellent blogs that have given voice to volunteer management issues. I like to keep up with DJ Cronin, a guy I’ve never met who lives in Australia who ignites the fire in volunteer managers around to world to take action and stand up for the best in our profession. I’m also a fan of Erin Spink’s blog because I still think about the workshop she presented here last November and I read it when I want to challenge my thinking. I hope that our blog will grow to be so motivating.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Susan Ellis and her vast volunteer management resource centre, Energize, but have you checked out her podcasts? Podcasts are the ultimate multitasking tool for keen volunteer managers to keep abreast of “hot topics” on Susan’s blog. Listen while you file or while you walk/drive/transit your way to work! Volunteer Calgary will soon be launching our own podcasts, coming at the end of September!

I’m curious about what the future will bring for Volunteer Management and anxious for us to continue to find our online voices.

What resources do you use online? What kind of podcasts/blog entries would you like to see from Volunteer Calgary? Would you be interested in blogging/podcasting?

– Janet Burstall, Community Development Manager at Volunteer Calgary


About Propellus

Propellus is a non-profit organization that has been empowering organizations since 1955. Through a dynamic range of consulting, training and member services, it helps organizations envision and realize new paths, practices and possibilities. Propellus guides, mentors and educates clients, arming them with tools and resources to help boost organizational effectiveness. Propellus strengthens organizations; in doing so, it leads the way toward building thriving communities.
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4 Responses to Finding your Cyberspace!

  1. Zoe Fleming says:

    I’m glad to see you are adventuring through Cyberspace and although it is a big space I’m happy to see that we participate in some of the same online resources. I look forward to Susan Ellis’ “Hot Topic” every month and ironically the topic this month is “Online Information Overload – and How to Cope”. It is very well placed with this blog entry with some great tips on how to engage volunteers in supporting volunteer managers and others with the information overload.

    One of my other favorite online tools is Twitter for staying in touch with what is happening in our local and global community. Some of the people I follow or are connected with on Facebook or LinkedIn are people I have wanted to ask for years, “How did you feel about the last thing you read? What is a difference you want to make? What are you thinking?” Now because of these tools I don’t need to ask and I get answers to those and so much more. Another great piece that I like about these tools is being able to share the great things I find with others, especially when it is inviting others to volunteer at something that I know they would love.

  2. Janet says:

    Zoe, you are a twitter superstar!

    In case you didn’t notice, Volunteer Calgary has our twitter feed on the side of this blog. We don’t tweet quite as often as Zoe does, but we try to keep up with her! 🙂

  3. DJ Cronin says:

    Hi janet

    And it was great to come across your wonderful blog! keep up the great work!

  4. Erin Spink says:

    Cheers Janet for the kind words! The work Volunteer Calgary is doing is amazing and innovative- you are definitely motivating!!!

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