Purple Sole Power!

Fund Development is a little like running a marathon – find something you love,  do your research, develop a plan, cultivate new relationships, keep the pace, bring it all together and when you cross the finish line or join in a community partnership, everyone cheers!

Under sunny skies on May 29th I joined 9,800 runners and walkers in the Calgary International Marathon.  With over 1,000 volunteers involved in the race, how could I not smile a ‘thank you’ as I shuffled up Shaganappi Trail!  Volunteers were everywhere from the startline  to the finish, shouting words of encouragement, providing water and sponges and directing traffic.  Elvis was crooning on Memorial Drive and strollers, neighbourhoods were rocking while families and grandparents were out in full force.

We would still be out there running if not for the volunteers – so I must say it was a great day with spirit galore along the route and an affirmation that Calgary has ‘sole’ as well as heart.

~ Dianne

Dianne Woodward is the Fund Development Manager at Volunteer Calgary.  She started volunteering because one Sunday morning,  she was caught in a traffic jam while a race was in progress and noticed the volunteers were having a great time with the participants and the drivers, not so much.  The rest is kms under the belt!  She recently organized a our “Purple Sole Power” team of Volunteer Calgary runners and walkers in the Scotiabank Marathon, 5 and 10Km runs and lead the team to reach our goal of fundraising goal!


About Propellus

Propellus is a non-profit organization that has been empowering organizations since 1955. Through a dynamic range of consulting, training and member services, it helps organizations envision and realize new paths, practices and possibilities. Propellus guides, mentors and educates clients, arming them with tools and resources to help boost organizational effectiveness. Propellus strengthens organizations; in doing so, it leads the way toward building thriving communities.
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