Celebrate International Volunteer Day: December 5

On Monday, December 5, 2011, people from all around the world will unite to celebrate International Volunteer Day (IVD). There are many ways for you, your family and your friends to celebrate and support International Volunteer Day.


With over 12.5 million Canadians and 1.4 million Albertans who volunteer, chances are, you are directly impacted by the work of a volunteer or you know a person who volunteers. Write a “thank you” note, send an email, shake their hands, take them out to lunch, buy them coffee. Whatever you choose to do, it is important to let volunteers know that their work is highly valued. It’s the least you can do to support these local heroes.

At Volunteer Calgary, we have fabulous and dedicated volunteers who help us work toward our mission of promoting, connecting, leading and strengthening volunteerism. We want to take this opportunity to say…

 THANK YOU to all the VC Volunteers 2011!


If you know a volunteer who has made a tremendous positive impact on the community or the lives of others, let everyone else know. Share their inspiring story with others by contacting media or by nominating them for an award.

Nominate a local volunteer for one of Volunteer Calgary’s Leadership Awards, the city’s premier volunteer recognition event. Nominations are year-round. To nominate a volunteer visit, www.volunteercalgary.ab.ca/leadershipawards.


The best form of appreciation is emulation! One of the best ways to participate in International Volunteer Day is by embarking in your own volunteer work. Most non-profit organizations that work to provide essential services to the community can benefit from your support. Grab your friends and family and start volunteering. To find volunteer opportunities, visit www.volunteercalgary.ab.ca


If you are a volunteer, share your story with your friends, family and co-workers. Talk about what you do, create awareness for the cause you are working toward, promote the non-profit organization you are helping, help recruit more volunteers. Be a shining example and advocate of volunteerism and inspire them to do the same!

An easy way to spread the word about volunteering is by telling your friends about Volunteer Calgary’s Become a Volunteer Hero campaign

 Volunteers work continuously to provide essential services to the community. Celebrating volunteers and volunteerism should be a continuous, year-round event that should start but not end on International Volunteer Day.

For more about IVD,  visit the www.worldvolunteerweb.org.


About Propellus

Propellus is a non-profit organization that has been empowering organizations since 1955. Through a dynamic range of consulting, training and member services, it helps organizations envision and realize new paths, practices and possibilities. Propellus guides, mentors and educates clients, arming them with tools and resources to help boost organizational effectiveness. Propellus strengthens organizations; in doing so, it leads the way toward building thriving communities.
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