Calgary Celebrates Volunteer Nominees

Every year, we are humbled to receive countless stories of volunteerism that go on right here in Calgary.

On January 31, Cardel Theatre was abuzz with energy, passion and volunteer spirit, as the nominees for the 16thAnnual Leadership Awards gathered in a special event to celebrate their contributions to creating a stronger and more vibrant Calgary.

 This year, a grand total of 99 nominations were received across eight award categories:Heart of Calgary, Leaders of Tomorrow, Leaders in Employee Volunteering, Leader in Volunteer Management, Leader in Volunteer Engagement, Volunteer Family, Volunteer in Profile, and Volunteer Animal. 

From Mika, the volunteer animal nominee and Riley Beatty (11), the youngest volunteer in the room, to lifelong volunteers and businesses of all sizes, these nominees represent the commitment, passion and diversity of the thousands of volunteers in Calgary who work behind the scenes to build a stronger and healthier community. 

Their stories are inspiring and amazing and deserve to be shared with the community. 

Click here to read about the nominees.

Click here for the press release.

We spoke to some of the people in the room and here is what they have to say: 

 “It’s incredible to have this amount of skill, talent and contributions in the same room. The energy was palpable. I’m humbled to be included in such a prestigious group of people.” ~ Sharlene Coulter, nominee for Leader in Volunteer Management Award

 “It’s an exciting event and an honour to be in the presence of so many people who are passionate about volunteering.” ~ Jessica Williams, nominee for Leader in Volunteer Management Award

  “It’s wonderful to have an organization that works not only to support volunteer engagement, but also provides a wonderful forum for volunteer recognition.” ~Erica Armstrong, nominator

 “I really feel it’s a validation of the things that I do. It’s nice to meet other volunteers with other organizations and learn about what they do.” ~ Priscilla Popilchak, nominee for Volunteer in Profile Award

 “I feel honoured about being nominated out of the many volunteers with the organization. There is an amazing range of volunteer that are here today.” ~ Don Nelson, nominee for Volunteer in Profile Award

 “Volunteers are important. There are so many inspiring stories. It is so inspiring to be here.” ~ Louise Thompson, nominator

 “It’s so great to recognize people who are doing so much for the city.Calgaryis such a caring community. I am grateful to Volunteer Calgary for recognizing volunteers.” ~ Jack Neuefeld, nominee for Heart of Calgary Award 

Learn more about the Volunteer Calgary Leadership Awards here.


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