Summer Fun in YYC!

Say hello to our friend, Sunshine.

It’s definitely nice to feel the warmth of the sun on one’s bare skin and  walk around the city while eating a popsicle without fear of turning into one. Make the most of these precious summer months while the glorious sunshine opens up endless possibilities for fun and adventure.

Here’s an idea: why not make your summer both exciting and productive by volunteering? Volunteering enables you to step out of your routine and adds color and variety to your world. Whether your goal is to meet new people, create new experiences, be more active, learn some new skills, or just about whatever goal you can think of, there is a volunteer opportunity out there with your name on it.  Seriously speaking. .. 

There are tons of events and festivals going on in Calgary this summer that could always use volunteers. In fact, a lot of them need volunteers and  wouldn’t even be possible without their help.

If you ever get tired of lying on the grass, baking in the sun, and mulling over the meaning of life, Why not volunteer and do something meaningful with your time?

There are many ways to get involved while being able to enjoy all that summertime has to offer.  Here are some tips: 

JOIN THE FESTIVITIES. Summertime is the season for festivals and events. Volunteering is the best way to enjoy these events up close – plus, you often get free access, special privileges and sometimes freebies as an “insider”.

GET SPORTY. There’s no time like summertime to burn that stubborn winter weight off and get fit and fabulous. If you’re not a fan of bootcamps or gyms, volunteering at various sports-themed events and fundraisers just might give you the jump start and inspiration you need to get started on your quest for better health and fitness.  

GO GREEN. Something about the beautiful weather makes people want to be in the great outdoors instead of cooped up indoors. Here are some ways you can volunteer to help keep the environment clean, green and vibrant for everyone to enjoy for this summer and many more summers to come.  


Check out the Community Events Calendar  for some of the upcoming events in Calgary.   Check out their websites; chances are, they are looking for volunteers.


Another (easier) way to find volunteer opportunities is to check out

By the way, take some wacky/creative photos while you are out volunteering  this summer  and join our  Snap Up Summer Smiles Photo Contest  on our Facebook page to win a $50 Melrose gift certificate.


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