Paint a senior’s home or fence, make a difference

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”~ Margaret Mead

Paint the Town Project: Your team CAN make a difference

What better way to spend the day with your co-workers than being out of the office and making a difference in someone’s life!

Volunteer Calgary’s Paint the Town Program offers corporate groups a unique and rewarding opportunity to work together as a team while making a profound impact on someone’s life.

The Paint the Town Program is a longstanding (over 15 years) partnership between the City of Calgary’s City Links division and Volunteer Calgary that connects employee groups with opportunities to paint the homes of seniors who otherwise would not be able to maintain them.

A team of employees get a chance to spend the day outdoors, volunteering their time and painting skills to freshen up the home of a Calgary senior.

How it works: 

  1. Gather a team of 10 – 20 co-workers.
  2. Contact Volunteer Calgary. Contact 403-265-5633.
  3. Receive details, directions, instructions. We provide Project Management services and will get everything ready and set up for you. The City Links Crew will conduct safety orientation and prep the home for painting for your team. All you need to do is….
  4. Show up at  the senior’s home.  Bring your enthusiasm and paint up a storm and have fun! 

Make a difference in their lives….

Mrs. T

Mrs. T and her late husband have lived in their house for 46 years. It was their first and only home in Calgary and they have worked very hard at making it their own.The fence that the corporate team helped to paint was built by Mrs. T and her husband themselves — everything from hand-cutting the wood, staining it, digging the earth and installing the fence. They were a very hard-working couple.

Unfortunately, Mr. T passed away in 2008 (Mrs. T misses him dearly). She had endured a lot of stress lately, and in March this year, she had a terrible fall which lead to a concussion.  She takes great pride in the home and wants to see the fence restored to its previous glory.

Mrs. T has been a volunteer for many decades herself and is extremely grateful for the help.

Mr. P

Mr. P was born in Greece. At the tender age of 6-weeks, he and his family moved to Israel where he grew up and met his wife. They were married in Israel and have been together for 50 years! Together, they moved to Canada in 1980 and have been here ever since. Sadly, Mrs. P passed away in 2003 and since then Mr. P has been living on his own.

Mr. P is now 79 years old. He enjoys an active lifestyle of swimming and various activities to “stay young”. Although Mr. P is independent and very young at heart, there are just some things he needs help with – like painting the exterior of his home.  He’s very grateful for the help he receives through City Links. He believes the volunteers are “angels” for coming out to paint his home.

You can help out.

Mrs. T and Mr. P are only 2 of many seniors living in Calgary that are on the waiting list for support from City Links. The Paint the Town Program accelerates the waiting period by providing the manpower for 15 homes to be painted in a day’s time.

Grab your team and brighten up a lovely senior’s home for him/her to enjoy.

If you are interested in Paint the Town Project, contact Lori Deluca at 403-231-1428


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