Profile of a Professional: Matt Baden

Matt Baden
Volunteer Manager
Action Coalition on Human Trafficking (ACT) Calgary

 Matt Baden is no stranger to the world of volunteers.

“Growing up, my parents were always active volunteers in the community and I began volunteering at an early age,” said Baden.  “Using my experiences as a volunteer with ACT made it easy for me to transition into this role when the opportunity came up.”

 Baden has been working with volunteers for close to five years now as the Volunteer Manager for Action Coalition on Human Trafficking (ACT) Calgary. Volunteers are extremely important to the mission of ACT, helping to spread awareness and educate others about human trafficking.

 Over the years, volunteers have filled a tremendous array of roles, from organizing and providing support at public events, to delivering education and training workshops.

 Lately, ACT has been working to develop more skills-based opportunities for volunteers, taking on an amazing pool of talent in the areas of research, communications, administration and community development.

 To support their bustling volunteer program, ACT has developed a handbook that outlines what volunteers can expect.

  “I find that by listing goals and then making a plan, I can keep on track and be aware of any potential difficulties that could arise,”Baden said.  Effective planning not only prevents me from wasting my time, but also the volunteers’.”

 Baden and his team, comprised of staff and volunteers, are currently working collaboratively to develop a more comprehensive orientation and training workshop for new volunteers.

 “Everything that I do in creating an implementing a volunteer program comes from my own experiences as a volunteer in Calgary,” said Baden.

 “Before doing a single thing in this field, I often ask myself, ‘What would I think about this if I was a volunteer?’ 

By keeping this question in mind, Baden finds he can create not just an engaging volunteer experience, but also fulfill the needs of the organization.

 Volunteers provide a huge amount of time and talent to enhance the work of ACT in the community. Baden ensures that they know it.

 “I have always been a fan of the hand-written thank you card,” said Baden, speaking to the importance of the personal touch.

 ACT has also organized specific recognition events and incorporates volunteer acknowledgement into their monthly newsletter to showcase the contributions of their volunteers.

 “I love being able to work with people who are passionate about making Calgary a great place to live,” Baden declares. “It’s definitely inspiring to see the amount of work that our small organization is able to do because of our volunteers.”

Check out the the volunteer opportunities posted on  the Volunteer Calgary website  to find out how you can get involved with ACT.


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