Leaders of Tomorrow: Where are They Now?

Jocelyn Davis edition

In 2011, Volunteer Calgary recognized Jocelyn Davis and awarded her with the Leaders of Tomorrow award at the Leadership Awards.

Then only 15 years-old, Davis’ volunteer and leadership resume was already well rounded, among her accomplishments were: volunteering her Wednesday evenings at the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, being a co-founder of 8th run, working with Youth Central and participating in the World Water Youth Summit; that’s just to name a few.©SenkowskiPhoto061

On top of all of that, Davis even managed to graduate early and just crossed that stage this past January. When Volunteer Calgary caught up with her, she was in the middle of packing for a trip to France.

Davis was one of 25 Canadian students selected to visit the Vimy war memorial. “I had to write and essay and have reference letters and then they selected some student leaders that they wished to attend for the trip,” Davis says, her humility shinning through. “ I guess I was just lucky.”

Luck had nothing to do with Davis being chosen for this trip. It could have something to do with the fact that she gets very passionate when speaking about the war memorial and its importance, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that since winning the Leaders of Tomorrow award, she has been presented with many significant contributions to the global community.

Davis was the recipient of the YMCA peace medal, Star of Alberta and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

Davis credits winning the Leaders of Tomorrow award with paving the way for other forms of recognition and accolades. Although she is quick to point out that she doesn’t volunteer for the recognition.

“It [the award] gave credibility to me and what I was saying. The award was something tangible, people knew the award, the knew what it meant, so then they would give me a couple of extra seconds to speak, and it just kind of got the ball rolling; which has been hugely beneficial because many positive things have happened since then,” says Davis.

Jocelyn 2Davis appreciates the opportunities that winning awards like the Leaders of Tomorrow award provides and believes it has helped her to advance her desire to put a favourable light on the way that youths are viewed in Calgary.

She is putting her money where her mouth it, convincing her friends to start volunteering by serving as an example.

“I have kind of been exposing them to my reality of being a volunteer. I think it’s still kind of confusing for them- the extent to which I volunteered. But I think they are starting to kind of understand that it is a community that pulls together and has a common goal and all the benefits like how good it feels after,” Davis explains with a laugh. “Hopefully they’re going to get hooked just like I did.”

So what does the future hold for this Leader of Tomorrow? After her trip to France, Davis will be going to Queens University in Kingston Ontario, where she will be working towards a Bachelor of Arts with a major in development studies. Though she doesn’t know precisely what she wants to do, she does know that working in a non-profit organization is high on her list of priorities.

“I just want a job that’s really fulfilling. I figure if I have to do it for 40 years, and I only live once, I may as well love my job and be excited to get up in the morning for it. That would mean a job that is helping people and it satisfying and engaging. Whatever title that ends up being, I am ok with.”


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