Leadership Award Winners: Leaders in Employee Volunteering – Cenovus

The Leaders is Employee Volunteering Award recognizes Calgary businesses that demonstrate leadership and innovation in workplace volunteerism. Two businesses are recognized this year in the medium and large categories, as determined by the number of employees.
This award is sponsored by Chevron Canada Resources Ltd. – a wholly owned subsidiary of CevronTexaco corporation – to recognize excellence in workplace volunteerism.

At the 17th Annual Leadership Awards, Volunteer Calgary was pleased to award the Leaders in Employee Volunteering large category to: Cenovus. LEADER IN EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERING- CENOVUS

The community investment philosophy at Cenovus is to be invested and involved in their community so that it is stronger and better off as a result of their company being there.

And it is not lip-service, Cenovus volunteer program offers volunteer grants, team and skills-based volunteering, and a community day to encourage their employees to volunteer.

Brian Palmer is the organizational development advisor at Cenovus, which in his own words, means that his job is helping others become better at their jobs. Palmer feels that having a solid employee volunteering program is something that helps keep Cenovus employees engaged with both their jobs and their community.

“It [employee volunteering program] is one of the things that attracted me to the company in the first place. If you were to ask me, I wouldn’t work anywhere else right now and it’s because they share the same values as I do and they like to give back to the communities that we work in,” says Palmer.

Cenovus looks to use their skills to serve their community by being specific to community needs by giving their time, ideas and skills in addition to financial contributions.

As a company, Cenovus looks at all of their volunteer initiatives as culture-building activities. Cenovus staff and family members have volunteered at: Alberta Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity and the Calgary Drop-In Centre.

Keeping up with trends in volunteerism, Cenovus recognized that skills-based volunteering was becoming more popular, and saw an opportunity to partner with the Calgary Youth Justice Society in 2011.

Partnered with Calgary Youth Justice Society, Cenovus launched a leadership development and mentoring program called In The Lead. The initiative linked some of the city’s most vulnerable youths, with volunteer coaches from Cenovus, who would lend their skills and expertise to their mentees.

Nearly 50 Cenovus employees have participated in the 16 week program, and the results are exceeding the expectations of not just the Calgary Youth Justice Society, but the dedicated volunteers from Cenovus as well.

Executive Director of the Calgary Youth Justice Society, Denise Blair, recognized the outstanding effort that Cenovus employees put into their partnership.

“We’re so grateful for Cenovus employees, and while a lot of people in these young people’s life have stepped away from them, Cenovus employees have chosen to step closer and to look for what’s strong – not what’s wrong in these young people,” says Blair.

Showing that Cenovus employees have a true desire to serve their community and the people within it, they stand out as Leaders in Employee Volunteering.

You don’t have to be a company the size of Cenovus to have an employee volunteering program. It is common to have employee volunteering days where everyone gets out of the office and into their community, rolls up their sleeves and helps out their local non-profits. You can take part in Volunteer Calgary’s Paint the Town project, all you have to do is pick a date, sign up, and go! Or, we can customize a project that meets your needs and interests. For more information on our Employee Volunteering program contact Lori DeLuca at 403-231-1428


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