Flood Relief Volunteer Opportunity Contacts

This is just a very short list for the time being. Just like the Wish List and Drop off point, this post will be updated frequently as we get more information. Keep checking back.
Note* we are only posting volunteer opportunities here that have an email or phone number you can contact.

If you have heavy equipment and can help with the effort, please contact cema.logistics@calgary.ca with a description of what you or your company can do to help.

the Drop In Centre needs volunteers Tues & Wed to help with main building (downtown location) cleanup-call Jordan(403) 971-8227 **reminder** Drop-In Centre volunteer spots fill up fast

Bowness Community Association Contact BCA Office: 403-288-8300 or email volunteer@mybowness.com to register as a volunteer. If you have a special skill let us know. If you have a strong back, let us know. If you can answer phones let us know! When are you available? Never fear – We will need YOU!

The entrance road to the Millarville Farmers Market was washed away, among other damage. They are looking for volunteers Wednesday and Thursday at 10 am. You can call 403 931 3411 or simply show up with a shovel.

The Calgary Inter-Faith Food bank are so pleased that you want to lend a hand but we need you to call us first at 403-253-2059 ext #2 if you are interesting in volunteering.
They need to register volunteers, track who is in the warehouse and ensure safety requirements are met.

Looking for a place to volunteer? The Calgary Dream Centre needs trucks, & people who can do heavy lifting and are ready to get dirty. Volunteers/questions can call Chris @ 403-978-3909, or email: cprimeau@calgarydreamcentre.com

Not sure what you can do? call Samaritans Purse at 1-866-628-6565 to add your name to the Alberta Flood clean up list.


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35 Responses to Flood Relief Volunteer Opportunity Contacts

  1. Clairissa says:

    My 8 year old and I are looking for a volunteer opportunity that we can do together… Anything for us?

  2. Leighann says:

    Just an idea but if you have a pair if rubber boots and a shovel head down yo one of the hard hit communities and offer your services. This is not covered by insurance and most families are digging themselves out of this mess on their own. Ask around somebody knows someone hard hit.

  3. Aimee says:

    I can certainly work the phone I have been an office administrator for year and have also worked within non profit organizations I am available anytime right now so please put me to a task ๐Ÿ™‚ 4037039526

  4. Nicole says:

    I work during the day, but please email me if you need any help after 5:00 pm or on the weekend! gellner@ualberta.ca

  5. Maria says:

    Our company would really like to help and do some clean up on Friday afternoon. Who should we contact?

    • I don’t have any updates for volunteer opportunities for Friday as of yet. Keep checking back, it’s a good bet we are going to get a lot of volunteer requests in the next day or so

  6. We have approximately 10employees here at Protrace Engineering that are volunteering to help. Any suggestions as to where or who to get ahold of. We are available where & when needed.

    • Millarville Racetrack needs volunteers Wednesday and Thursday. So does the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. Camp Kiwanis needs volunteers today… All of their contact information is on the Flood Relief Volunteer Opportunity page. Thanks for your interest!

  7. Sara says:

    I live in Downtown-West and lost my car in the Municipal Building parkade so my ability to travel is very restricted. I would really like to help out this week, as I cannot go to work anyways, but can’t travel so if there is anything I can do in Eau Claire, Chinatown, east-end of DT and beltline, Hillhurst/Sunnyside, etc please let me know. I’m able-bodied and ok with getting dirty.

    Feel free to contact me at sjrooseboom@gmail.com.

  8. Juliana Ramirez says:

    Just curious if there are places where childcare is needed. Through the 2000 Days Early Child Development Network, we could try to set-up a team of childcare professionals and parents available to provide childcare where needed. Please let me know if this is something we can help with. Also, could collect donntoys, baby/children clothing, books etc..

  9. jenny says:


    I live in the S.E. just off 130th, am looking to help anyway i can dont mind manual labour. I dont have a car but i do have a bike. Email is jennymo85@hotmail.com

  10. BJ & Kaitlyn Zoobkoff says:

    My 10 year old Daughter and I would love to help with anything after work. I am usually home around 6pm. Please pass on my email to whomever needs it we are willing to do whatever we can to help!

  11. Blair says:

    A family friend come down from Vegreville to help us with his two vac trucks. Rig Vac Inc. I believe he was working downtown this morning lending a hand. He’s contacted me asking of the status of discovery ridge condos that remain powerless, and waterless from the parkades still being flooded. Is there a number he can contact to put his trucks to use?

    His name is Alan Baxandall
    Company: Rig Vac Inc from Vegreville, AB
    Cell: 1-780-632-1406

    Hopefully we can use him!


  12. Rozita says:

    Do you have any contact info or volunteer info for Morley Reserve? Have heard they need supplies badly, and have some to take to them, but not sure where. Thanks

  13. tom moore says:

    I am coming down from Fort McMurray friday night; do you know of any need for volunteers over the weekend?

    • Dont know of any specific opportunities for the weekend, volunteer opportunities have been coming up a day or two before the volunteers are needed, keep checking back or check the YYChelps webpage. Have a safe trip down!

  14. tom moore says:

    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ just registered at YYChelps

  15. Andrew Chan says:

    Got a group of about 10 who is able to help wednesday night (June 26) and an even bigger group willing to help out on friday night (June 28). If any opportunities arise for this, please let me know!

  16. I’m a plumbing and heating contractor from Vancouver and wanting to come out and put my skills to good use. Any ideas who could use us most, or is it just clean up right now?

    • Hi Graham, That’s great of you to want to come and help Calgary out! Thank you! Check out YYChelps.ca You can put out an offer to help or check out the current volunteer opportunities. There’s tons to be done!

  17. Mitch says:

    Group of us (8) coming in from SK for Tuesday and half of Wednesday. Any suggestion of who to contact for volunteering?

  18. Anne-Marie Hoefele says:

    I’m looking to help out, but I work suring the day. If there are any oppurtunities/ anyone needs help after 5:30pm, let me know! hoefele@ualberta.ca

  19. Kurtis says:

    Are there any family friendly opportunities available yet. Making sandwiches for other volunteers, families, etc???

  20. Allyson says:

    My three friends and myself are looking to dedicate ourselves to a day of volunteering on Sunday June 30. We are able bodied and willing to get dirty! We want to help out! Is there anything/anywhere available for us for that day??

    • We tend not to get volunteer opportunities until a day or so before they are needed. Keep checking Volunteer Calgary’s Facebook and Twitter pages @volunteercal, or register with YYChelps. Hope you find something fulfilling!

  21. Theresa says:

    I have literally been brought to tears reading about all the amazing people who are offering their time and effort to help others. Although this flood has been disasterous to so many people, the kindness of so many is restoring “some” lost faith in mankind – in essence, a gift to all. I AM ONCE AGAIN, VERY PROUD TO BE A CALGARIAN!! BRAVO!!

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