Rebuilding Calgary together

*Photo credit: United Way of Calgary & Area

*Photo credit: United Way of Calgary & Area

It is amazing to witness the generosity and resiliency of Calgarians in this time of great need.

Here are a few ways for concerned citizens to help as we strive to recover and rebuild our great city of Calgary.

1. Ask your neighbours/friends/co-workers  if they need any help. There are many things you can offer. Shelter, food, basic necessities, a hand with clean-up or simply a friendly person to chat with can be very comforting in times of need.

2. Get a group together –friends, co-workers, family– and clean streets, pump basements, move furniture, clean homes, or anything else that may be needed to restore normalcy in the neighbourhood or workplace.

3. Contact your local community association to see if they need help within your neighbourhood or if they can direct you to high priority areas in your surrounding communities.

4. Check out, a wonderful volunteer-run website that announces current volunteer needs.

5.  For large-scale, city wide clean ups, follow the City of Calgary. Alternatively, you can also follow media for these announcements.

6.  If you are unable to offer physical support, you may offer flood relief through donating supplies, equipment, food or money.  If you wish to send your support through monetary donations, you may do so through the Canadian Red Cross, Place2Give or seek out local charities of your choice. Here is a tip sheet on giving to charities in Alberta.

Some helpful reminders for flood volunteers:

Be prepared when you volunteer. Equip yourselves with gloves, masks, boots, bug spray, weather appropriate clothing, and any other gear needed to keep you safe. Read the City of Calgary’s Flood Awareness Booklet. Volunteers should especially take note of pages 14-21 before getting involved in any cleanup initiatives.

Be patient. The clean-up initiatives will take a lot of time and hard work.  You will be working alongside tons of fellow Calgarians who want to help just as much as you do, rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty.  It may not be a pleasant experience, but patience, kindness and tolerance toward one another will facilitate the clean-up process. We all want the same thing after all — to rebuild the great city of Calgary.

Stay up-to-date and keep following our blog and social media pages for volunteering updates and information on the flood.

Stay strong, Calgary! We leave you with this beautiful and inspiring video. For our tomorrow…

Thank you to all of the city’s volunteers, rescue workers, non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies and everyone aiding the effort to rebuild Calgary.


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